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Embryology is a branch of biology that focuses on the study of the embryo in all its developmental stages, starting with the fertilisation process until the final embryonic form that will become the much-desired baby.

The success of a pregnancy depends on a great deal of important factors which contribute to the normal development of an embryo:

  • Age is one of the key relevant factors for both partners, but it is especially significant in female fertility. A woman’s advanced age is associated with poor ovarian reserve and poor oocyte quality, both of which diminish the changes of obtaining a pregnancy.
  • Lifestyle and exposure to toxic substances can influence fertility.
  • The quality of the gametes. Poor ovarian reserve, low number of spermatozoa and <4% morphology complicate the chances of a pregnancy.
  • The genetic quality of the embryo. PGT (preimplantation genetic testing) is usually recommended to couples in which one or both partners are known carriers of genetic mutations that may be transmitted to their offspring. This technique makes it possible to analyse one or more cells harvested from embryos produced by means of in vitro fertilisation. The objective is to identify, select, and transfer to the mother only embryos that do not feature the genetic anomaly for which the test was conducted.
  • The laboratory equipment and professional training of the medical team

At Origyn Fertility Center, we have the best specialists in embryology ready to handle your embryo in optimal and perfectly safe conditions.