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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Issued on 03.12.2021

I. Introduction

The website https://www.origyn.ro/ (to which we shall refer as the “Site”) is the exclusive property of FERTIGYN SRL (next called “FERTIGYN”), located in Iași, 3C Palat Street, block E3, 1st floor, Iași County, with the contact phone numbers 0751 263 263 or 0756 379 565 and e-mail contact@origyn.ro,registered at the Trade Register Office with the number J22/1673/2009, and with the Tax Identification Number 26102969.

By visiting the Site and accessing the services/information provided, you agree to comply with and explicitly accept the “Terms and Conditions” of use.

II. Access to the Site

Use of the Site is permitted for the purpose of obtaining information about the medical services offered by FERTIGYN through the Clinic ORIGYN FERTILITY CENTER, reading medical articles and information, scheduling appointments, and sending feedback.

Accessing the Site for other purposes is not allowed. You accept full responsibility and understanding of the risks which may occur as a result of using the Site. FERIGYN endeavours to ensure the integrity of the Site but does not guarantee its comprehensiveness and accuracy.

You can access the Site and view its contents without having a user account. Concurrently, you are responsible for all your access and visits on the Site.

The data and information submitted by you is subject to the Confidentiality Policy and to the Cookies Policy. By using the Site, you agree with the processing of certain personal information by FERTIGYN.

III. Obligations and responsibilities

With regard to your use of the Site, including the content that you fill in as a user in the forms available on the Site, namely the “Appointment Form” and the “Patient Feedback Form”, you are legally responsible and guarantee that:

  • you have the legal right to access the medical services and information presented by FERTIGYN on the Site;
  • the information you supply to FERTIGYN is correct and real;
  • you are directly responsible for all your actions leading to any kind of material loss and/or damage to you or third parties, regardless of whether you acted with intent, negligence, or imprudence.

At the same time, the following actions are not permitted:

  • transmitting information that is not public or of personal data that results in the identification of other persons without their explicit consent;
  • communicating any information which violates any license, commercial trademark, or authors’ rights;
  • attempting to access the Site through other means than the interface made available to users;
  • making changes to the Site in order to gain unauthorized access to it;
  • using the Site or materials from it for illegal purposes or to discredit FERTIGYN.

IV. Authors’ rights

FERIGYN grants free access to the Site and allows its users to view and to use information posted on the Site exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes.

The domain origyn.ro, the logo, and the contents of the Site (images, texts, graphics, symbols, graphic web design elements) are protected by the copyright law and are the property of FERTIGYN and its suppliers.

The contents of the Site may not be replicated (either partially or entirely), copied, modified, resold, or exploited commercially without the prior written agreement of FERTIGYN.

V. Links to other sites or web platforms

The Site does not endorse the access of links to other sites or web platforms belonging to third parties.

  • Breaches of the Terms and Conditions

Any breach of the present “Terms and Conditions”, including the unauthorised use of the Site, may be investigated and subjected to corrective measures such as, but not only, civil, criminal, or other kinds of litigation.

You understand and agree that FERTIGYN may impose certain restrictions or block your access to the Site or to the services and information provided through it, without prior notification, if you are found to have breached the “Terms and Conditions” or to have disrespected the rights of FERTIGYN or the rights of another user.

  • Data confidentiality

FERTIGYN will ensure the confidentiality and safety of your personal information in accordance with the Confidentiality Policy and Cookies Policy.

VI. Applicable legislation

The “Terms and Conditions” for the use of the Site comply with Romanian legislation.

In case of litigation, amicable settlement will first be attempted within 30 working days from when the complaint was formally registered at the FERIGYN headquarters. If the parties cannot reach an agreement within the above-mentioned timeframe, the court of competent jurisdiction will be the Iași Courthouse.

VII. Other clauses

FERTIGYN reserves the right to revise and update the present “Terms and Conditions” at any time, without prior notice. We therefore kindly ask you to check the contents of these “Terms and Conditions”, as well as of the Confidentiality Policy and the Cookies Policy, whenever you access the Site.