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COVID-19 PCR Testing

Given the current epidemiological context, Origyn Medical Center offers PCR testing for the Covid-19 virus. 

Testul se poate realiza de luni-sâmbată începând cu ora 8:00 și până la ora 9:00 la sediul din str. Grigore-Ureche, Nr.1-3, bl W. Mărăcineanu, Et.1.

The results are communicated in print or via email on the same day, no later than 16:00.

Take care of yourself and your close ones! Get tested now!

To make an appointment, call the number 0726 741 728.

Cardiology Consultations at Origyn Medical Center

Beginning with July 2021, Origyn Medical Center offers cardiology consultations to adult patients.

This includes: 

Consultation, clinical examination, electrocardiogram (12-lead ECG), blood pressure monitoring and pulse oximetry.

Transthoracic echocardiography 

24-48h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

ECG Holter monitor test

Cycle ergometer test

Measurement of the ankle-brachial index

To make an appointment, please call the number 0756 379565 or fill in the online form.

We welcome you!

The Halosperm® Test

The Halosperm® test helps establish the degree of DNA fragmentation of spermatozoa. It is an important genetic test in the process of evaluating a couple’s infertility, alongside the semen analysis test, the semen culture test, and the antisperm antibody test.

This test is recommended to patients with normozoospermia as well, because a high percentage of spermatozoa with fragmented DNA (over 30%) can lead to lower oocyte fertilization rates, poorer embryo quality, and increased chances of spontaneous abortion.

The Halosperm® test is recommended in the following cases: couples with a history of spontaneous abortions, infertility of unknown causes, age over 40 in men, history of testicular cancer, urogenital infections, unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, unbalanced diet, etc.), exposure to toxic chemicals.

Getting ready:A period of 2-5 days of abstinence is recommended before sampling. The semen is collected in a special room and the results will be communicated in 2-3 days.

The test is done at Origyn Fertility Center. For appointments and information, please call the following numbers:

Origyn Fertility Center: 0751 263 263

Origyn Medical Center: 0756 379 565