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Accurate diagnosis is important in any medical field, but this is especially true in case of neurological problems because the nerve tissue is essential to the body and extremely sensitive; it also does not regenerate except in certain conditions.  

The brain is the control centre of the entire body. Injuring, damaging, or deteriorating it can impede the monitoring of vital functions (heart beats, breathing, blood pressure) or the adequate enactment of mental processes, memory, emotions, and even reasoning.

Beyond the brain and the management of vital functions, nerves receive information from the senses and send instructions to muscles in order to direct movement. If damaged, sensory loss and even paralysis may occur. Muscles that are not regularly engaged in contractions as instructed by nerves will atrophy, so the health of the nerves is important to the health of the muscles as well. 

Neurosurgery is the medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the effects caused by traumatic events and by conditions affecting the central and peripheral nervous system, including benign and malignant tumours.