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As we well know, many surgical interventions require anaesthesia in order to prevent, reduce, or avoid pain.

If you are getting ready to undergo surgery, you are likely thinking more about the procedure and less about anaesthesia and the role it plays in keeping you comfortable and safe. Prior to the intervention, the surgeon typically discusses with you and evaluates your overall health to make the best decisions and obtain your consent.

Anaesthesia entails the monitoring of vital signs during the intervention to ensure the proper functioning of vital organs while you are unconscious and until you regain awareness. Anaesthesiologists are doctors specialised in performing and monitoring anaesthesia, managing pain, and caring for patients in critical condition.

Before any procedure, the anaesthesiologist will want to know information about the patient’s medical history.

Anaesthesia can be of several types, among which general anaesthesia using inhalation anaesthetics delivered using a face mask or using intravenous anaesthetics delivered intravenously to provide comfort to you as the patient as well as to the surgical team throughout the intervention; in general anaesthesia, it is compulsory to actively monitor and maintain the patient’s vital functions. General anaesthesia is used mainly in more complex interventions which require analgesia, unconsciousness, and muscular relaxation.

Another type is analgosedation which makes the patient feel relaxed and helps avoid anxiousness; the degree to which the patient loses consciousness depends on the level of sedation, which can range from superficial to deep. This is the most common type of anaesthesia conducted at our clinic.   

Locoregional anaesthesia consists in the anaesthesia of a certain part of the body, such as from the waist down or only of a certain limb, in order to ensure local muscle relaxation and analgesia during the surgical intervention while the patient remains aware.

Local anaesthesia is suitable for interventions on limited, superficial areas for which a local anaesthetic is sufficient.

At Origyn, you will find the best team of anaesthesiologists ready to meet your needs and ensure that you are both comfortable and safe.